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Natalie Brooks is one of the main protaganists of the story. She was kidnapped by Caleb Nicholson on the way home from school one October afternoon, and after that, everything changed. She discovered powers she never knew she had, and uses them to her advantage to ask for help from her friends. She knows that she can trust them, but can they find her in time?


Natalie Brooks is a sixteen-year-old girl who was kidnapped one afternoon by Caleb Nicholson. She was brought to Shadowland, a seperate dimension that can be accessed by a portal inside the warehouse in the clearing. She is kept inside an empty room, only fed with a stale piece of bread every twenty hours. She was abused: hit, kicked, punched, slapped, pushed, and shoved, whenever we did something wrong. She would end up crying for hours, stopping herself when Caleb returned. Natalie later discovers that she has amazing powers, and she uses them to her advantage. She asks her friends for help, and they start off on the search of a lifetime to rescue their friend.


Natalie is brave, courageous, and bossy, but can also shy away from her problems. She is a natural leader; she directs the group in the direction of where she is held. After her experiences in Shadowland, she became cautious; she jumps at every sudden sound, and flinches whenever someone would touch her fiercely. She's caring; she doesn't want to put her friends in danger because of her actions. She's kind, loving, and pure.


Natalie has dirty-blonde hair, and light-green eyes. She's average height, and she's underweight; She lost most of her body weight in Shadowland, because Caleb underfed her. She comes home with cuts, scrapes, and bruises because of Caleb's abusive attitude. Her skin is pale, with faint scars on her arms and legs, and one on her hand, that is noticable only to Alexa. Matthew describes her as beautiful.


Natalie discovers that she has the power to appear in people's dreams, and she uses that to her advantage. She can appear in people's dreams by reciting a chant. After reciting the chant, the reciepient of the dreams is taken to Shadowland. She can also transfer some of her power to her friends, by placing her locket in their hands and reciting a seperate chant. Natalie later finds out that she can speak to her friends using her Voice. She uses this ability to help her friends with their problems more than hers. Natalie also wields the power for her Figure to appear in Emmy, and sometimes the school.